Imagine an urban laboratory in the heart of downtown Boston, stocked with sensors, staffed by Boston's best technologists, and completely open to the public.

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Local Activity Patterns and Public Realm Impact
Case Studies
public toilet at Civic Center, San Francisco
Detecting Patterns of Public Drug Abuse
Case Studies
Hybrid KPI for Smart Cities Applications
Case Studies
forest sensors
Urban Smart Forests
Case Studies
Process Transparency & Citizen Engagement in Sensor Deployments
Case Studies
Local Data, Local Art
Special Project
The Boston-Area Sensor Co-op
Special Project
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Lab Journal

Documentation of the lab’s process, descriptions of the data, and news from sensor science.


We won!?

Here’s Elizabeth’s tweet from the award stage at the Smart Cities Innovation Summit: https://t.co/pcaWqUX5UM team in the proud moment. A mix of emotions @newurbanmechs @ckkodchi pic.twitter.com/VJRc8Mo0kt — E. B. Christoforetti (@EBChristo) June …