Are you a sensor specialist, an urban planner, or do you represent a company developing an IoT-enabled technology or application? The Local Sense Lab is seeking contributors and research members who wish to participate in its IoT testbed. As a research member, we can help you

  1. Showcase your technology to partners in the City of Boston and the Boston retail community.
  2. Validate your product in front of potential customers and receive feedback—live.
  3. Engage over 250,000 pedestrians every day—through both face-to-face and targeted mobile interactions—in Downtown Crossing during our August 2016 launch.
  4. Define detailed use-cases and user stories for your IoT products and services.
  5. Discover complementary products, test collaborations, and form new business partnerships.
  6. Understand the market for smart-cities technologies.
  7. Differentiate your product and company.

Some existing members include

To learn how to become a member, please contact one of the organizers at, or use the form below.

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